• To whom it may concern:

I met Marta Targonska in 2013 at a Gentle Bio-Energetics training program I was teaching in Latvia. Since that time I have had numerous interactions with her in a professional capacity and in some social experiences with her family.
Marta showed a significant interest and skill in learning many methods to help people and to organize programs for learning. In the Gentle Bio-Energetics training, she demonstrated a willingness to learn new techniques, a sensitivity to people, a curiosity, a commitment to risking herself, and a discipline to develop expertise in doing techniques.
After the training she started to organize workshops in Poland for me. In this process she continued to develop her own skills, using the techniques and applying the philosophy with her own work and with clients. She was very effective in organizing and promoting workshops and developing study materials for Poland. Marta also organized the translation of the Butterfly Touch Massage book and DVD into Polish and getting it published through Virgo books. She also organized the production of a professional quality DVD introducing Gentle Bio-Energetics for you-tube that my feedback shows has been viewed around the world.
One thing that I look for when working with someone who represents me in organizing is that she applies the principles that we teach in her own life. Marta has demonstrated this with trust, openness, caring, and hard work. She is always willing to try to figure out how to solve problems. Some of her most important assets include her big heart, therapeutic and organizational skills, willingness to work together to solve problems, ability to integrate different source, thirst for knowledge, and ability to teach others what she has learned.
I see her commitment in life is to make a better world for everyone in both her personal relationships, organizing events and using tools and techniques to help others.
In encountering her I have found that Marta is open to learning many different ways to help people, from her reflexology to learning Gentle Bio-Energetics and Original Play to studying academic programs in psychology, etc., to improve herself and make her more effective in relating to people of all ages.
I would highly recommend her as an important asset in any endeavor.

Richard C. Overly, President and Director of Training, Gentle Bio-Energetics Institute, Asheville, NC, USA 828-272-1079